Read It Pray It Draw It Do It
Read It Pray It Draw It Do It

Read It Pray It Draw It Do It

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This brand-new interactive journal for kids will help them grow in their faith. With bible-related reading, praying, writing, drawing, and doing activities, kids ages 6 and up will enjoy the varied prompts. Touching on topics that will enhance a child's faith, like praying, making decisions, waiting, forgiving, obeying, being kind, being more like Jesus, loving others, and more, kids will be encouraged to read a scripture passage (a key bible passage is included), pray about it (a prayer starter is included), journal their own thoughts and feelings (a journal prompt is included), and draw a related picture (a drawing prompt is included). Each topically arranged section wraps up with a related "Doing" activity as well--encouraging kids to live out their faith in real life!
Author:Jean Fischer.
Page count: 192.
Size: 7" x 9".
Format: paperback.
Language: english.