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Jade Pope

You Are More Book

You Are More Book

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Aren't all little boys fearless, dirty bundles of energy? They are rough. They stink. They test your patience as a mother. But, boy, do they consume a mother's heart! There is just something special about the bond between a mama and her baby boy.

You Are More is a sweet note from young, new parents to their precious little boy that focuses on the love he brings to their family. God has provided a perfect little man for the family, and even when things don't work out quite the way they planned, Mom and Dad love him to the core! Through every scenario, sticky situation, or changed route, God's love--and the love of parents just like this--endures with us to get us through each day.

Written during one of the hardest stages yet, You Are More revolves around a tired mama who simply shares her heart with her darling little one in light of the craziness in the hustle of everyday life. This book highlights the most special, yet challenging, parts about being a boy mom--or dad--in a fun, reflective way. It's the perfect gift to share with a new mom expecting a bouncing baby boy!
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